Sunday, November 1, 2009

Walton County Confederate Monument, Monroe, Georgia

The Walton County Confederate Monument stands prominently on the square in front of the county courthouse in Monroe, Georgia. It is topped by the statue of a Confederate soldier standing at ease holding his musket.  The front of the monument reads:

On flames eternal camping ground,
Their solemn tents are spread,
And glory guards, with solemn round,
The bivouac of the dead.


Our Confederate Dead

On the left side are crossed battle flags and the dates 1861-1865.

The back of the monument reads:

Now sleep the brave,
Who sinks to rest,
By all their country’s
Wishes blest.

On the right side are crossed muskets and the years1861-1865.

Below on the 2nd tier is a cornerstone in white marble and it reads:

Erected June 1,1907
By the Ladies Memorial Association
And the surviving Confederate Veterans.

The cornerstone of the monument was dedicated to coincide with a reunion of the Robert E. Lee United Confederate Veterans Camp #1055, August 4, 1906.  The completed monument, dosting $2,500, was dedicated on June 1, 1907, by the Ladies Memorial Association and a host of surviving Confederate veterans.

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