Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black South Carolina man refuses to take down his Confederate Flag

This young man known as GoGreen58, from Bluffton, South Carolina says:

"My college has forced me to take down my Confederate Flag, because they said I was violating a "Racism Code". The flag has been up for the last 2 months and no problems were happening around me, but now they want to say I'm violating a code. They cannot do this to me, because this is a public college and i have my rights to freedom of speech. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are on my side and  I have an attorney. If the housing department does not allow me to put it back up, after the letter has been sent. Then a HUGE LAWSUIT will take place, because the housing department is violating my rights of Freedom of Speech. I'm Black NOT African American and I Don't see the Confederate Flag as a RACIST SYMBOL!!!

Follow this link for the story on CNN:

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