Thursday, August 23, 2012

Centennial Marker Commemorates C.S.A. Camp Cooper

This Confederate Historical Marker is located in front of the Throckmorton County Courthouse, Throckmorton, Texas.  It reads: 


Located 17 miles south. Surrendered by U.S. at outbreak Civil War. Used as Confederate frontier outpost on the defense line from Red River to the Rio Grande. Manned by Texas Cavalry, mounted riflemen, Rangers. Constant patrol and scouting maintained guard against Indian raids, Union invasion, marauding deserters, "Jayhawkers". Always short on food, supplies, ammunition, and horses these troops fought the Comanches in numerous engagements while effectively protecting supply train and pioneer families along edge of settlement. A Memorial to Texans Who Served the Confederacy.

Erected by the State of Texas 1963.

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